How can I create secure download links with Amazon S3 in Linklok

Amazon S3 is great place to store your downloads for use with Linklok. It can handle up to 5TB files with fast downloads without using bandwidth, storage or other resources on your server. Amazon provides an easy to use web based console for managing your S3 account so here is a quick getting started guide.

Setting up an S3 account

1) Signup for an S3 account at Make a note of the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key that they assign you as these are used in Linklok to create the download path.

2) Once you are signed up you can login to the console at

3) When logged in you will see the main screen as follows.

4) Create a bucket by clicking the Create Bucket button. The bucket name must be unique on S3 and should be lowercase characters only. In this example I have named the bucket vibralogixtest. You can select which S3 server to store the file on. Any will work fine.

5) Once your bucket is created double click it in the Bucket List to open it ready to upload a file.

6) Click Upload in the Objects and Folders section of the screen and select the file to upload.

The following steps 7 through 10 are only required if you are using Linklok versions released before 2013. Versions released since 2013 can handle this automatically.

7) Once uploaded we need to check that the correct content type is being used. Right click the file and select Properties and then click the Metadata tag. You will see the default content type assigned by S3 to the file. This is usually fine for viewing the file (such as a .jpg or .pdf) in the browser if this is what you need. However often you will usually want the user to download the file instead in which case perform steps 8) to 10) below.

8) To force a file to be downloaded rather than displayed in the browser (usually what is required with Linklok) we need to change the default Content-Type to be


by entering that in the value field.

9) Now we will add a new header which is also required by some browsers to force a download. Click Add more metadata and enter the following

Key: Content-Disposition

Value: attachment;filename=""

replacing the filename in the quotes with your filename.

The settings should look something like this when you are finished

10) Finally click Save to assigned the new file headers.

File Privacy

Linklok accesses files from S3 using special signed links which can't be shared. Normally you should keep your files and buckets private to stop anyone accessing them without Linklok using a standard S3 link. This is the default permission setting in the S3 Console anyway. You can set a buckets or files to have public access as well if you wish but we don't recommend this for obvious reasons. Please note that the S3 link displayed for a file in the console will fail unless you set public access but Linklok links will still work.

S3 file path

The file path used by Linklok is not the link that S3 provides you in the console as this is not secure and won't work with private buckets. Instead we create a one off specially signed link. So instead of the usual download path use a path setup like this


Replace the parts in green with your S3 account details and bucket name. For further details about creating the path see the manual.

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