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cWhois - Domain name availability

What is cWhois?

cWhois is a php script that can be used to check if a domain name is registered or available and also to retrieve the whois data. cWhois works with over 800 domain extensions such as .com .net .org .de .eu and new ones like .ninja and .guru etc. This makes it one of the most comprehensive whois utilities on the market. cWhois is simple to use and easy to incorporate into your pages. Perfect for web hosting and domain name sites. cWhois can be used as a PHP function or you can add the example forms directly to your site with no PHP knowledge.

Using cWhois with a form

The cWhois package contains a number of form examples that can be pasted on your site to allow availability checking and whois lookups. Here is a simple example form that allows any supported domain type to be entered with results displayed in a popup. You can easily create similar forms with drop down menus, checkboxes, or multiple domain name entry using a text area control. We have used the optional CAPTCHA security code to stop abuse.


Security Code

full list of supported domains (opens in new window)

Using cWhois as a PHP function

As well using the example forms on your site you can also make use of cWhois in your own PHP applications. Using the cWhois function couldn't be easier.
cWhois function call
  • $domain contains the domain to lookup such as
  • $extension optionally contains the domain extension such as .com
  • $details is used to receive the returned registration details for the domain owner.
  • $turing optional turing (CAPTCHA) code.
  • $result contains the functions return status:-
  • 0 Domain is not registered and therefore should be available for registration.
  • 1 Domain is registered. $details contains the registration details.
  • 2 Domain extension not recognised or supported.
  • 3 Domain name is not valid.
  • 4 Security code (CAPTCHA) failed (if used)
  • 5 Could not contact whois server to lookup domain.

Comprehensive manual

cWhois Manual
We provide extensive documentation in PDF format for our products and not just a quick readme text file.

cWhois Manual

As well as the manual you can check our knowledge base and of course direct support.

Feature List

Linklok Paypal has a huge number of features including those listed here. You can download the comprehensive PDF manual for full details.
Easy to use php function call. More flexible than perl versions
Simple to add to any page layout. No templates required
Works with over 800 global and international domain extensions. See full list (opens in new window)
Determines whether domain is registered or not
Returns full domain registration information
No external whois utility required as cWhois includes this built in
Supports some domain registrars that don't have a dedicated whois server.
Makes use of DAS if available to check for availability
IDN support (accents) for com .net .de .ch .li .no .at .dk .se .be and others
Easy to include only the extensions that you require or wish to support
Add new domain extensions with just one line of text
Doesn't matter if user types www or http://www as part of domain name
Turing code (CAPTCHA) feature for security new feature
Sample pages and easy to use form handler included
Regular updates (see version history)
Detailed PDF manual and great support
Ideal for use by domain registration and web hosting companies


Linklok works on most Linux or Windows servers whether shared or dedicated. Just check that the server has PHP 5, PHP 7 or PHP 8 (most do). We can recommend A2 Hosting for use with our website scripts but most hosting plans are fine. We advise clients to download and read the manual before purchasing.

Please note that closed web creator sites like Wix, Weebly etc are not supported as they do not allow addons to be used.

Vibralogix not only have a range of excellent products but the support they provide is superb. They maintain great contact throughout any support queries which are always dealt with quickly and efficiently. I would thoroughly recommend Vibralogix to anyone thinking of using their services.

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Mark P

Buy cWhois V2.14

cWhois costs just $29.95 plus VAT where applicable (for use on one domain) and is available for immediate download after purchase. It's a one off fee and not a subscription. The purchase includes one year of free upgrades and support. Currently we are including a Free license for cWhois Domain Cart as well when you purchase cWhois. If in the future you require additional licenses these are available at a discount of 50% (contact us for details). If you would like more information on cWhois, please feel free to get in touch through our contact page, where we will be more than happy to assist you with your query.

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