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Vibracart Pro - Sell digital & physical products

What is Vibracart Pro?

Vibracart Pro popup cart
We have combined the best features of Linklok Paypal and Vibracart Paypal, added support for Stripe and mixed in many new features to create Vibracart Pro. Vibracart Pro is perfect for selling digital items (downloads, serial numbers etc) as well as physical products. A powerful control panel allows you to configure all of the settings and access orders, products, discounts and coupon codes. Tax and Shipping are also supported. A built in receipt / invoice system provides buyers with an on screen and downloadable PDF receipt.

Using Rapidweaver?

We have a special version of Vibracart Pro just for Rapidweaver users. This includes the same Vibracart Pro along with a set of Rapidweaver stacks for easy drag and drop installation and setup.

Try out the examples

Vibracart Pro can be used in several ways so we have setup a few demo pages so you can see how it works.

Popup (hovering) cart mode

This is the default style using a small widget that hovers above your page and a full cart that appears automatically when anything is added to the cart.
see demo

Embedded cart mode

Vibracart Pro can be embedded within your page design instead of using a popup cart.
see demo

Mini cart mode

This mode is similar to the popup cart except that instead of using the widget you can embed the cart total, number of items and links to display the cart or checkout directly in your page.
see demo

Dashboard screenshots (click to zoom)

Vibracart Pro orders

All orders are listed and can be searched or sorted as needed.

Vibracart Pro order details

Order detail
You can view the full order details including whether files have been downloaded and where.

Vibracart Pro product setup

Product setup
Each product can have multiple purchase options, digital delivery (downloads etc), shipping overrides and many other settings.

Feature List

Vibracart Pro has a huge number of features including those listed here. You can download the comprehensive PDF manual for full details.
Simple to install into any page (doesn't need to be .php). Works across any number of pages on your site.
Fully responsive and works great on mobile devices.
Works as either a popup cart or an embedded cart inserted in your page.
A floating widget or mini cart on your pages can display the cart total and number of items along with a show cart button.
Easily change the colour and style to match your site.
Paypal and / or Stripe are supported for checkout
Can handle delivery of digital items (downloads, serial numbers etc) and physical items. The thank you page can use a page on your site so it matches perfectly. Download links etc are inserted automatically depending on the products purchased.
Cart wide and item based discounts and coupon code support. Coupon codes can have usage limits if required (for example single use).
Multiple shipping plans supported. Shipping can be calculated based on totals, shipping units or number of items etc. Digital products can be set to be ignored for shipping calculation too.
Tax can be applied based on country (e.g. EU) , US state or Canadian province. Location detected using GEO IP but allowing buyer to set their location manually if you allow it.
This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from
Support for checking EU VAT numbers (to remove VAT).
Cart can display an image for each item.
Cart items can link back to the product page on your site.
Optionally link to your terms and conditions and require buyers to agree to them before checkout.
Optionally limit how many items can be added to the cart (item and cart limit). Useful if you sell downloads and don’t need the quantity field.
Can send emails using your servers PHP mail, SMTP (PHPmailer) or Sendgrid.
Download products can be stored on your server or externally using Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, B2 Cloud or Dropbox.
Download links can have an expiry time and a download limit.
View when download link is used (and where) and also block downloads for specific orders.
Can create and update Sitelok accounts based on products purchased
Receipt / invoice can be displayed to the buyer and downloaded as a PDF.
Regular updates. See version history.
Support for iDevAffiliate, Shareasale and other affiliate systems.
Works with Mailchimp, Kunaki and Trepstar
Detailed PDF manual and great support

Comprehensive manual

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Want to know more? Why not download the manual so that you can see what Vibracart Pro can do for you. We provide extensive documentation in PDF format for our products and not just a quick readme text file.

Vibracart Pro Manual

Vibracart Pro Manual for Rapidweaver


Vibracart Pro works on most Linux or Windows servers whether shared or dedicated. Just check that the server has PHP 5.5+ or PHP 7 (most do).

To use the Rapidweaver version you will also require Rapidweaver 7 or above and Stacks 3.6.9 or above.

Buy Vibracart Pro V1.4

Vibracart Pro costs just $59.95 plus VAT where applicable (for use on one domain) and is available for immediate download after purchase. It's a one off fee and not a subscription. The purchase includes one year of free upgrades and support. If in the future you require additional licenses these are available at a discount of 50% off the full price. If you would like more information on Vibracart Pro, please feel free to get in touch through our contact page, where we will be more than happy to assist you with your query. We advise clients to download and read the manual before purchasing.

Vibracart Pro

Vibracart Pro for Rapidweaver

Sitelok and Vibracart Pro are at the center of my business. I trust them, and know I can rely on them. They are actively maintained and developed. Support is the best I have come across (and I have come across a lot). I use these products every day, and every day I'm amazed at what they enable me to do. They empower my customers to personalise their experiences, access resources and buy new services. I win business and keep customers because of Sitelok and Vibracart Pro. Thank you so much!

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Andrew H

Well...i have to say it's been great, adding a product is amazing the options work a treat! it's easy to not only create one but also add options to them, it can be done in literally seconds. We've just launched a product with different colour ranges and it was seconds before it went live on the site. I am absolutely stunned with its performance. It's incredible. The admin interface is intuitive and fast and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The extensive customization features are an absolute must for integration and anyone thinking of purchasing vibracart pro should not think about it, they should get it straight away. It's sped up our product listings and checkout process so much! We spend less time listing products and more on making them!

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Ben J

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