Help Scount Beacon plugin

Beacon is an embedded popup help and contact widget from Help Scout.
This plugin allows you to add the Help Scout Beacon to your members pages and to pre-fill the members name and email automatically when they contact you. You can also personalize messages using the members name or other details.
HS Beacon example
You can also include data from other Sitelok fields with the message which will appear in Help Scout's notes section so that the information is instantly available when you receive the message. You can also include a lik back to the users edit page in the Sitelok control panel.
HS Beacon note
For more flexibility you can define two Beacons one of which is used when users are not logged in (visitors) and one for logged in members.
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Sitelok V5.4 released

Form field validation options have been added to registration, update profile and contact forms. These include

  • character and word limits (with or without counter)
  • email address
  • integer
  • floating point number
  • date
  • date of birth with age check
  • time
  • URL
  • custom regex.

Added option to not pre-fill custom fields on update profile forms.

Text areas on forms can now have their height set.

The maximum size of each custom field (by default 255 characters) can now be changed in the configuration page.

Allow reply-to and from name to be overridden when sending emails from the control panel.

Option to send a copy of emails sent from the control panel to an email address.

Option to hide selected users when viewing the log.

The order of the custom fields on the add user and edit users pages can now be rearranged.

Added slapi_totalusers() and slapi_usergrouptotalusers("GOLD") functions to the API.

Added !!!groupexpirydmy!!! and !!!groupexpirymdy!!! email variables.

Improved form styling when using Foundation or Bootstrap (with simple style option).

Many tweaks and bug fixes.

Visit the Sitelok page.
Visit the Sitelok version history page

Stripe plugin V1.3 released

We have updated the Stripe plugin so that the styling matches Sitelok V5. Its still backward compatible with older versions too.

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Paypal plugin V2.1 released

We have update the Paypal plugin so that the styling matches Sitelok V5. Its still backward compatible with older versions too.

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Stats plugin

The new Stats plugin collects a range of usage stats, such as new users and logins, and displays them using graphs

example graph
and widgets on the dashboard

example widget
Historical data for many stats are created when the plugin is first installed although some stats will only start to be collected after installation.

The Stats plugin requires Sitelok V5.3 or above.

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