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Demo using simple hosting mode

This page contains cWhois Domain Cart setup in simple hosting mode. This is a simplified cart ideal for selling one hosting plan and optional domain name. After checkout Paypal is called to collect payment (this part is live so don’t login to Paypal). There are many options you can set to change how the cart appears, the extensions to support, pricing, taxation etc etc. We recommend you download the manual for further details. You will notice that the cart has been added to a page that is identical to the rest of this site. All that was required for integration was one line at the top of the page and one line at the point where the cart should appear. Return to cWhois Domain Cart product page

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cWhois Domain Cart costs just $29.95 plus VAT where applicable (for use on one domain) and is available for immediate download after purchase. It's a one off fee and not a subscription. The purchase includes one year of free upgrades and support. If in the future you require additional licenses these are available at a discount of 50% (contact us for details). If you would like more information on cWhois, please feel free to get in touch through our contact page, where we will be more than happy to assist you with your query.

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