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cWhois version history

The current version of cWhois is V4.4. If you have an older version and would like to upgrade you can do so free of charge if you purchased within 1 year. After this there is a 50% discount on the full price. You can see the version history below.
Released 22 October 2018


Added support for .fri


Updated .my. Access to the whois server is now for registered resellers only though. (see


Updated support for .me .eu .biz


Updated support for .mx


Updated support for


Added Access Pay payment processor support


Updated MollieIdeal support. Requires Mollie folder from zip to be uploaded.


Minor bug fixes


Released 4 Febraury 2015


Added .brussels and .vlaanderen


Added .ci and .gent


Added support for over 140 new domain extensions such as .consulting .club .restaurant etc.
Released 26 September 2014


Updated Mollie Ideal payment processing


Added support for Payu Latam payment processing


Added support for .md .uk


Updated .nu and .io


Added support for over 90 new domain extensions such as .ninja .guru .academy etc.
Released 5 June 2013


Updated for .ve .de .be


IDN is now supported for .be
Released 6 August 2012


Added support for


Updated support for .it .ru .fm and .ua
Released 20 April 2012


Added support for Mollie Ideal payment processing


Updated support for .be
Released 12 January 2012


Added support Amazon and MoIP payment processing


Updated support for .no .ba .uy


Added,,,,,,,,,,,, and




Added .xxx


Added .pk


Added .pe


Minor bug fixes
Released 19 June 2011


Updated support for


Added support for .ng ,


Added $SimpleRegisterOnly and $SimpleHostingOnly settings
Released 23 September 2010


Updated support for .de
Released 23 August 2010


Added support for .co .im and


Added support for Global Digital Pay


Added support for Worldpay standard
Released 11 March 2010


Support for coupon codes


Updated .is .dk .de .ve and .mx


Better support for PHP 5.3


Other code improvements and bug fixes
Released 6 August 2009


Added support for .jobs


Updated .mt .hk .sg


Added setting for secpay to allow checkout template to be used
Released 27 March 2009


Added support for .tel
Released 14 February 2009


Added support for .sg


Updated .in


Updated .id


Added Swreg payment support


Added support


Updated Secpay support. We recommend using the Remote Pass feature which Secpay can enable for you


Various fixes
Released 19 September 2008


Added support for AlertPay payment processing (one off and recurring)


Hosting plan specific domain pricing. This allows for example free domains with certain hosting plans


Added support for .gd


Added support for .me


.cz updated


.mx updated


.ac updated


.ae updated


.cd updated


Bug fixed that caused problems when using ns style lookup
Released 1 April 2008


Turing (CAPTCHA) code security option added for checkout and lookups


Google Checkout payment processing


PagSeguro payment processing payment processing


iDeal payment processing


All .at domain extensions support IDN now


Added .by .travel .ae .bj .hn .ly .mu .sb


Added .vc .kz .asia


Updated .bg .ck .fo .se .ws .tl .tp .gg .la .na
Released 16 May 2007


Added $Default=2 option. Buy checkboxes are checked only for available domains.


Added $dropdownmenu option. Replaces checkboxes with drop down menu.


Added $allowlookup option. Can disabled the whois lookup link.


Added $paymentpage setting. This page is displayed while connecting to payment processor.


Added $paymenttarget setting. Can open payment processor in new browser window
Released 10 February 2007


Support for Linkpoint payment processing


Support for Mals eCommerce payment processing


New Narrow Cart mode (displays domain and hosting options on two lines)


Uses CSS stylesheet providing more control over design


Allow use of checkbox, textarea, radio button and drop down menus in contact form.


Updated .tv (no longer support premium domains)




.nl and .de updated to better detect invalid domain names


Added .sc


.ph updated


Added .ma


Various bug fixes
Released 20 February 2006


Support for Secpay payment processing


Optional SMS order alert using Clickatell


Contact form can have password and verify password fields


Added .es


Updated .jp


Updated .de


Added $forceenglish setting for .jp. Set to true for english whois
Released 6 December 2005


Support for Setcom payment processing


Can add $DefaultBuy=0; to cwcconf,.php to leave buy checkboxes unchecked by default.


Updated .tw


Updated .ie




Added .mn
Released 19 September 2005


Option for currency symbol after amount as well as before


Search domain button works when enter pressed now


Support for Picpay and


Updated .jp for new whois server




Added .gov support


Added .pt support


Added .ve


Added .ug,


Added .uz
Released 23 April 2005


PHP 5 Compatibility


Support for eGold and OKO Bank payment processing






New overall (master) agreement setting
Released 3 April 2005


Support for ePN and MetaCharge payment processing


Added support for .dm .nf .tl .tp .hk .ua .pro and .io


Updated .hk .af .cx and .ua
Released 11 March 2005


Complies with 2checkouts new rules for 3rd part carts


When no checkbox selected can either assume first extension or select all


Added support for and
Released 25 February 2005


Added support for .in &


Added support


updated .la whois server .


Support for Internet Secure payment processing
Released 14 October 2004


Added two tier tax system.


Support for .fi
Released 1 October 2004


Support for CDG and iKobo payment processing.


.au support updated to make use of DAS.
Released 10 September 2004


Support for Caixagalicia payment processing.


nocheckboxes option added. This removes domain checkboxes and


automatically checks all domain extensions defined in cwcconf.php.


Bug fix. Now allows purchase of hosting even if whois server is down.


Number of decimal places in currency can now be set.


Bug fix. Problem on some servers clearing cart when changing currency.
Released 3 September 2004


Support for .lu and .ag updated.


Ability to remove 'Hosting Only' option


Worldpay Futurepay payment processor support


Option to automatically convert spaces entered in domain name to hyphens


Multiple payment processors can be defined allowing user choice of payment method.


Manual payment return url now contains order number and total amounts in URL.


Tax and VAT can be added to checkout total.
Released 2 July 2004


Support for .my updated. They now have public whois server.


Support for 2checkout V2 (seller id's greater than 200000)


Better support for Euro symbol (see FAQ)
Released 14 May 2004


Support for .jp added


Ability to remove 'No Hosting' option
Released 30 March 2004


Add domain name suggestion feature
Released 4 March 2004


IDN support (accents) for .com .net .dk and .se
Released 24 February 2004


Updated .tv whois


Support for Bluepaid payment processor


IDN support (accents) for .de .at .ch .li and .no


Improved handling if back clicked from payment processor
Released 15 November 2003


Added domain renewal option


Support for Centipaid and Moneybookers payment processors
Released 6 August 2003


Updated .be to use DAS server where required


Updated .nl to use DAS server where required


Updated .es whois function
Released 22 July 2003


Bug that causes .name domains to be invalid solved


Better logic when deciding what can be added to shopping cart


Support for .ug domains


Update for .be whois server


Update for .nz whois server


Support for and Network1 payment processors
Released 17 July 2003


Solves problem that some items are left off of email in certain circumstances
Released 11 July 2003


Added support for .es, .am, .fm, .tv and .dj


Handles premium domain names (currently only .tv, .fm and .dj)


Handles seperate pricing for shorter domain names as required (e.g. .fm and .cd)


Improved domain name validation


Solved problem with Paysystems when 'previous page' is clicked
Released 22 June 2003


Supports recurring billing on 2checkout (with restrictions)


Email address verification improved


Support for Nochex payment processing (they don't support recurring billing)


Includes users IP address in vendor email
V1.61Released 11 June 2003


Solves problem that on some servers total is calculated as 0 if using cwhoismode=1
Released 28 May 2003


Makes use of language file for easier translation


User defined fields for order form


Payment support for


Added support for .sa domains
Released 22 April 2003


Improves swapping currency or payment processor


Add support for .gr domains
Released 16 March 2003


Added simple hosting mode


Handles swapping currency or payment processor by clearing shopping cart as necessary

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