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Linklok Paypal version history

The current version of Linklok Paypal is V3.6. If you have an older version and would like to upgrade you can do so free of charge if you purchased within 1 year. After this there is a 50% discount on the full price. You can see the version history below.
Released 12 April 2023


PHP8.1 related bug fix
Released 10 October 2022


Support for PHP 8.1


Minor bug fixes


Released 29 June 2021


Support for latest Dropbox changes


Malichimp no longer requires MailChimp.php


PHP 8 support


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 4 April 2020


Added support for B2 Cloud storage


Updated PHPmailer support to V6


Released 5 June 2019


Supports secure file access from DigitalOcean Spaces and Google Cloud Storage. Ideal for large files.


Support for Trepstar allowing automated delivery of CD's DVD's and USB sticks.


Passwords generated for Sitelok no longer have the ! character at the end


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 8 May 2017


Updated Dropbox support to use latest API. External dropbox-sdk folder no longer needed


Ability to log file downloads instead of using email notification


Released 19 September 2016


Ready for Paypal's June 2017 changes


PHP7 compatibility


Can send emails using Sendgrid for great deliverability


Updates for JAlbum


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 18 August 2015


Dropbox support added.


Amazon S3 V4 signatures supported. V4 is required for buckets in some new regions such as Frankfurt


Better support for displaying Sitelok passwords. There is now an option to only show them when accounts are first created for security.


Fixed Paypal bug that causes the link on the auto return page to fail sometimes. Pay don't seem to fix this so we made a workaround.


Fixed bug with !!!totalnet!!! which now removes shipping as well as tax from totals.


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 12 February 2015


Added PDF watermarking feature


IP Country added to download notification


Kunaki integration updated


New $ButtonPaypalEmail setting allows you to set the email address or merchant id used when generating button code.


Added !!!totalnet!!! and !!!taxrate!!! variables
Released 8 April 2014


Updated S3 support to work better with non US buckets


Mailchimp support added


ARP Reach support added


Bonus items based on total order amount can now be delivered


Option to block downloads by email address.


Solved bug with GetResponse support
Released 4 June 2013


Updated S3 support so that it can automatically set content type. Now you just have to upload files to S3 without messing with headers.


New automatic Paypal button generator


Added order number to subject of copy email


IP locking should now work in the test form as well as for live orders


Various bug fixes
Released 27 September 2012


Updated IPN and PDT handlers to use HTTP 1.1 as required by Paypal by February 2013


Various bug fixes
Released 3 February 2012


Added support for GetResponse


Added support for PDF Honeypot


Option to delay delivery for orders that trigger a Paypal Payment review


Better integration with Sitelok


Improved download support for iPhone and Android


Various bug fixes
Released 28 April 2011


Added AutoResponse Plus (ARP) support


Added $ClearVibracart=true; which will clear the Vibracart Paypal cart after checkout if used


$CopyEmail will now send copies of notification emails as well as the download email
Released 16 September 2010


Added AWeber support


Added BRL currency to test form


Added $GlobalDiscount setting to reduce prices without having to update each one


Various minor fixes
Released 17 March 2010


Seamless integration with enabling automatic shipping of CD's and DVD's


Added support for PearMail and SSL accounts in PHPmailer


Better support for PHP5.3


PHP can now be used inside a download background page


Various minor fixes
Released 24 August 2009


Support for Amazon S3 downloads


Bug fixes
Released 9 April 2009


Required upgrade due to changes in Paypal PDT system. Earlier versions have been fixed in the download area too.
Released 27 March 2009


Support for options (drop down menus) used in Paypal buttons


Replaced testorder.htm with a built in test form. This should make testing easier


New product based email notification


Added support for Jalbum. Now you can sell photos directly from the album


Multiple Sitelok groups can now be assigned to each product


When creating Sitelok groups separate Sitelok email templates can be assigned for new and updated users


Expiry times for links in the return page start at order time so refreshing page (if allowed) doesn’t matter


Modified JAM affiliate to use trans_id variable instead of id
Improvements to the manual


Various bug fixes and improvements
Released 12 February 2008


Support for AcroLok PDF encryption system


Better automatical handling of mail server settings


Can call product specific URL's to help support auto repsonders & unlock code generators etc


Various bug fixes and improvements
Released 4 January 2007


Support for Auto Return and PDT


Option to use sandbox for testing


Updated Idev Affiliate call to use new variables


Updated HTML email to use base64 encoding
Released 15 October 2006


Support for Jam Affiliate


Updated support for the latest version of Sitelok


Workaround for a bug in Paypal on their German system where mc_fee can be blank.
Released 12 May 2006


Optional logging of orders to a mysql table


Ability to retrieve product details from mysql table


Affiliate exchange rate system


Multiple email addresses allowed in $CopyEmail, $NotifyDownloadEmail and $NotifyEmail


Background page can be displayed when links clicked in email. (instead of blank browser)


Email and return page templates can be used for check payment warnings (if delayed)


SMS order alerts using Clickatell
Seamless integration with Clicklocker service


IPN passthru feature


Better handling of PHP templates. Can now include the template variables


Various bug fixes and improvements
Released 10 October 2005


Integration support for Sitelok


Support for iDevAffiliate


Support for Shareasale


Generic affiliate system support
Released 26 June 2005


PHP5 compatible


Improved download manager handling


Improved auction title matching


Optional IP locking for download links


Option to match auction id instead of title


Manual order form can display links as well as email them


Links to product not ordered can be added to templates


Template variables to display all products ordered (ideal for invoices)


Order notification, order confirmation and download notification emails


Automatically determines file size even when using a URL


Default product feature allows filename to be sent in item_number


Expiry time can be a fixed date and time if required.


Many other improvements and bug fixes.
Not officially released


A number of clients receivd it with special mods
Released 14 January 2005


Minor bug fixes
Released 25 October 2004


Product specific templates can be defined


Template segment system added


Better support for physical products


Software unlock codes can be generated from a list or user provided function


Can generate unlock codes for software potected by Software Passpot (Armadillo)


If download product is a PHP page it will be executed


Wildcard character allowed in eBay product definitions
Released 13 May 2004


Improved handling of html format emails


Minor bug fixes
Released 3 November 2003


Added support for external product file


Supports multiple files per product (bundles)


If product download URL is an html file it will be displayed instead of downloaded.
Released 5 August 2003


Supports HTML format emails


Now requires ?orderform to be added to the URL used to enter the manual order form
Released 25 July 2003


Supports 'problem' servers that don't allow extra path info
Released 20 June 2003


Added download page


Ability to delay delivery when payment is by eCheck


Support for download resume and download managers
Released 3 June 2003


Supports for auctions (eBay)
Released 21 April 2003


Various bug fixes
Released 8 April 2003


Several bug fixes


Initial release 1 April 2003

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