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Linklok URL version history

The current version of Linklok URL is V3.7. If you have an older version and would like to upgrade you can do so free of charge if you purchased within 1 year. After this there is a 50% discount on the full price. You can see the version history below.
Released 7 October 2022


Support for PHP 8.1


Bug fixes


Released 29 June 2021


Support for latest Dropbox changes


Malichimp no longer requires MailChimp.php


PHP 8 support


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 4 April 2020


Updated PHPmailer support to V6


Bug fixes


Released 15 July 2019


Added secure access to files stored on Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces and Google Cloud Storage


Updated WP plugin to V1.10 to allow 5 extra form fields to be used


Released 8 June 2018


New Wordpress plugin provides shortcodes for use in pages and posts.


Updated Mailhimp to use their V3 API.


Forms on your site can now submit using ajax .


Released 8 May 2017


Updated Dropbox support to use latest API. External dropbox-sdk folder no longer needed


Released 19 September 2016


PHP7 compatibility


Can send emails using Sendgrid for great deliverability


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 18 August 2015


Dropbox support added.


Amazon S3 V4 signatures supported. V4 is required for buckets in some new regions such as Frankfurt


Linklok URL forms can now save user data to Sitelok.


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 12 February 2015


Added PDF watermarking feature


IP Country added to download notification


IP country can be detected and used on site pages.


You can disable the email sent to you when a user fills in a form by setting $NotifyEmail="none";
Released 24 March 2014


Added support for Mailchimp


Added support for ARP Reach


Can work with mod_xsendfile if needed


Various bug fixes
Released 4 June 2013


Updated S3 support so that it can automatically set content type. Now you just have to upload files to S3 without messing with headers.


Various tweaks and bug fixes.
Released 6 August 2012


Added GetResponse support


Improved the methods used for file download
Released 10 July 2011


Added URL shortening support for emailed links
Released 16 September 2010


Added AWeber support
Release 2 April 2010


Added support for PearMail and SSL accounts in PHPmailer


Better support for PHP5.3


PHP can now be used inside a download background page


Various minor improvements and bug fixes
Release 24 August 2009


Support for Amazon S3


Email form can now be set for promotional periods. For example email link to first 10 enquiries per day.


Bug fixes
Release 22 April 2009


Allows the user of checkboxes, radio buttons or selects on forms so that user can choose files to be sent


Added $CopyEmail setting so that you can receive a copy of emails sent to users


FTP wrapper support so that an FTP address can be used in $LinklokLocation (where server supported)


Can now send query data when the file linked to is .php
Release 1 April 2008


Improvements to the turing system


Minor bug fixes
Release 3 January 2008


Optional CAPTCHA (turing) code validation for forms


Logging of downloads


Option to block reuse of email address or IP when submitting forms


Can now determine file size for remote files


Download notfication email option


Added !!!link(,1440)!!! and !!!size(!!! template variables.


Expiry times can now also be absolute using the format yyyymmddhhmm


New GET call in API allows automated sending of emails from other scripts
Release 6 January 2007


Email template variables work in the subject as well as body


Secure link style improvedIn the API call the email template can be a string buffer as well as an external file


Option to have save-as filename different to the name of the file on the server


Improved sending of html email by using base 64


Email templates can contain PHP which is parsed before sending


Optional background page to be displayed in background during download from email


Various bug fixes and improvements
Release 22 April 2005


PHP 5 compatibility


Multiple download locations allowed


Multiple email templates can be used


Any form fields can be added to email template


New IP address template variable


Manual entry form can lock links to IP address if know


Better download manager support. Works properly with LeechGet now.


Linklok URL API functions added for PHP applications


Manual entry form can display download links intead of emailing them


Download links can use alternative linklokurl.php installation for download


Email sent to site can also use a template now
Release 28 October 2004


Added IP address locking feature to the links


Links can point to html or PHP page as well as download files
Release 13 May 2004


Improved handling of html format emails


Minor bug fix
Release 3 November 2003


Minor bug fix
Release 6 August 2003


Download resume and download managers supported


Feature to log all email requests


Password protected manual entry form feature


Improved email template support
Initial release 1 January 2003

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Linklok URL costs just $29.95 plus VAT where applicable (for use on one domain) and is available for immediate download after purchase. It's a one off fee and not a subscription. The purchase includes one year of free upgrades and support. If in the future you require additional licenses these are available at a discount of 50% (contact us for details). If you would like more information on Linklok, please feel free to get in touch through our contact page, where we will be more than happy to assist you with your query.

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