Sitelok version history

The current version of Sitelok is V5.9. If you have an older version and would like to upgrade you can do so free of charge if you purchased within 1 year. After this there is a 50% discount on the full price. You can see the version history below.
released 5th April 2020


Added back row highlighting which seemed to disappear after V4.6!


The random password mask can use O for a non alphanumeric character.


The + character in emails now validates correctly


The form designers now allow the font weight to be set


Updated the email system to use PHPmailer V6


Added a new API function called slapi_getuserdata which can retrieve user data for users who match specific conditions. It also has a CSV file function which works great with the Power Grid CSV stack (see article for more info).


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
released 30th August 2019


Added support for Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage


Contact form can now remain on the page after submitting without redirecting. To do this set the thankyou page starting with msg: For example msg:Message Sent


Contact form hidden fields can now set the 'Use as' setting (for hidden name and email fields).


New quick filters to show users who have downloaded (or not downloaded) a file.


Registration form designer supports the new Stripe plugin V2.0


Code snippet buttons now select and copy the code to the clipboard.


Standard subadmin user can no longer delete log entries


Subadmin users (group based) can now see log entries for users in their usergroup(s)


The email link !!!activatepassword!!! now supports extra parameters !!!activatepassword(usertemplate,admintemplate,redirect)!!!


Added option to change usergroup field length.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
released 10th February 2019


Added a 'Not member of usergroup' quick filter


Added a new option to the dashboard allowing you to login as any user without knowing the users password.


The dashboard now warns when selecting, deselecting or clearing selected users when there are already users selected.


The update profile form designer now has option to add users to usergroups or remove users from usergroups using hidden fields.


Multiple usergroups can be assigned to the search engine access feature.


The snippet generator now has an option to create a link to a users login start page.


Fixed issue causing drop down select menus in forms to appear squashed when using some Rapidweaver themes.


Fixed issue when using MariaDB with PHP7.2 on some servers.


Form designer checkboxes now have a default value of Yes instead of no value. Some users forgot to set a value so the checkbox didn't work as expected.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
released 22nd October 2018


Registration form designer now allows multiple usergroups and expiry times to be entered.


Email template size limit increased to 500K. It was 100K which was a little small.


Support for Digital Ocean storage. Works like S3 using do| at the start of the path.


Registration and Update profile form designers now have an Image Type field for the Messaging & Profile plugin (when installed).


Registration form support for CoinPayments Plugin.


Filtering expired and unexpired users is much quicker now


Added Expired Recently quick filter (users expired in last X days)


Add user and edit user pages now have email options (send as name, reply to and copy email)


Added new !!!previousname!!! and !!!changedname!!! type email variables for the modify profile form.


Modify profile form now only sends emails if changes were actually made.


Feature to save and load dashboard layout to a file.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
released 2nd April 2018


New Snippet Generator helps create commonly used code snippets.


Usergroup check box option for registration and update profile forms allow users to join or leave usergroups if allowed.


Form designers now allow you to enter your own font names and support Google fonts.


Sitelok variables such as $slcustom1 now have display only versions such as slcustom1_html to ensure they display correctly and better secure against malicious xss.


Users unique numeric user id can now be exported and searched using quick search.


Labels used in the default login form can be overridden from slconfig.php making it easier to handle multiple languages.


Variables such as !!!username!!! can now be used within a usergroup login redirect URL.


Recent activity increased to last 50 log entries (previously 25)


Update profile form can now use !!!usergroupstartpage!!! as the Thankyou page to send the user to their usergroup start page.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
released 14th November 2017


Form field validation options have been added to registration, update profile and contact forms. These include character and word limits (with or without counter), email address, integer, floating point number, date, date of birth with age check, time, URL and custom regex.


Added option to not pre-fill custom fields on update profile forms.


Text areas on forms can now have their height set.


The maximum size of each custom field (by default 255 characters) can now be changed in the configuration page.


Allow reply-to and from name to be overridden when sending emails from the control panel.


Option to send a copy of emails sent from the control panel to an email address.


Option to hide selected users when viewing the log.


The order of the custom fields on the add user and edit users pages can now be rearranged.


Added slapi_totalusers() and slapi_usergrouptotalusers("GOLD") functions to the API.


Added !!!groupexpirydmy!!! and !!!groupexpirymdy!!! email variables.


Improved form styling when using Foundation or Bootstrap (with simple style option).


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
released 17th July 2017


Register, update profile and contact forms can now have hidden fields.


Form error messages are now shown beneath the form near the button which makes more sense for longer forms or small screens.


Fixed bug stopping longer drop down menus in forms.


Support for our new Stats plugin.


Stops accidentally deleting your own user in the control panel. i.e. stops the last admin user getting deleted!


You can now set the font size for the main user table.


S3 download links now use https.


Form id's shown on form editor.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
released 5th March 2017


Added !!!userid!!! !!!createddmy!!! and !!!createdmdy!!! email template variables.


Double clicking user row opens edit user page.


Option for SUBADMIN users to only have access to specific usergroups.


When exporting users there is now an option to use custom field titles instead of custom1 etc in the header row.


Import users can import with the column header using the custom field title instead of custom1 etc.


Dragging and dropping files and folders in the file manager now works as it should.


Fixed an issue with Amazon S3 V2 download links.


Bug fixes and tweaks
released 3rd January 2017


Added input and button padding settings to form designers.


Reply-to email override for email settings.


Send test email button for email configuration settings


Updated to be compatible with Mobirise.


Bug fixes and tweaks
released 11 October 2016


Brand new responsive and mobile friendly control panel


Improved email editor and email template file manager


Allows the control panel to be translated and white labelled


Forms generated using the form designers now submit using ajax


Better support for Rapidweaver 7


More options when exporting users


Option to check for latest versions of Sitelok and plugins


Many tweaks and minor bug fixes.
released 25 April 2016


Stored password hashes now use PHP's built in hashing and verification system. This provides the highest level of security available to secure users passwords.


Name and email fields have been increased from 50 to 100 characters. Password field now allows 255 characters for new password hashing.


Added new !!!passwordifknown!!! email tag. This displays password if just created and afterwards displays ***** (or text that you define)


Name and email fields have been increased from 50 to 100 characters. Password field now allows 255 characters for new password hashing.


Added support for Amazon S3 V4 signatures


Support for modxsendfile and modxaccel server modules


New !!!viewemail!!! email tag allows users to view the email in the browser.


Access to user uploaded images or files on the edit user page


Added fix for iOS bug which can cause the default login form to appear scrolled down.


New options for background image on default login form


Fixed bug where remember me checkbox wasn't getting stored on some login forms.


Many tweaks and minor bug fixes.
released 25 July 2015


New contact form designer. Now your site contact / enquiry form can match your Sitelok forms..


Improved import user features.


Updated ready for our upcoming Stripe payment plugin.


New function calls similar to sl_ismemberof() but designed to handle multiple groups.


Fixed a rare issue when sending mail to selected users.


Many tweaks and minor bug fixes.
released 9 March 2015


Option to deselect users as emails are sent to selected users.


Fixed issue with update form code generation which occurred on some servers.


Many tweaks and minor bug fixes.
released 18 August 2014


Added registration, update and login forms designers with code generation


New example pages


Various bug fixes and tweaks
released 12 May 2014


New default login form which is responsive and works better with mobile devices.


Ability to adjust the default login form style from inside the Sitelok admin without using CSS.


New login method added. You can now call /slpw/login.php to display the login template & redirect a user.


If the 'No Access' URL is a login page there is an option to redirect the user after login to the calling page.


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 30 October 2013


Added a new SUBADMIN usergroup which blocks access to configuration and some other features of the admin control panel.


Option to force logout a user from the control panel


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 21 April 2013


Dropped for support for PHP4 (hardly used now anyway). Now requires PHP5 and uses mysqli functions


New Quick filter options


Improved backup system which can handle very large databases.


Improved XSS and CSRF protection in the admin area


Enhancements to the plugin system


Selected users in the admin are stored across multiple filter operations and for the next session



Automatic content type handling for S3


Auto login now works even when CAPTCHA is used


Columns displayed in the main user table in the admin area can be defined (which ones and the order)


Quick password reminder email option in the admin


New siteloklinklogin() function can now require login before download begins


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 30 September 2012



Enhancements to the plugin system


Various bug fixes and tweaks
Released 3 June 2012



Support for PHP 5.4


Enhancements to the plugin system


Updated email editor
Option to require existing password on modify profile form


Valid characters for the username can now be set using $ValidUsernameChars in slconfig.php


Option to force validation of new email address. This can be sent to existing or new email as needed


Email field can now be unique so that meals (like usernames) are unique to each user


Option to allow login using username or email field


New siteloksendemail() function which will send email when linked clicked (useful for password reset)


Import users feature works more reliably


Various other enhancements, tweaks and bug fixes
Released 4 April 2011


Plugin system added which will allow lots of new enhancements to be released


Many new API and event handler functions added


Registration form now allows file uploads


New cleaner design


Updated email editor


Many bug fixes and improvements
Released 4 April 2010


User profile form now allows users to upload files with the filename stored in a custom field


Added several new API functions


Username and password are now trimmed of whitespace during login to stop spurious login errors


URL query (GET data) is now passed correctly through login even when redirecting


Many other improvements and bug fixes
Better support for PHP5.3


Improvements to the Sitelok Paypal Module (V1.3)
Released 9 November 2009


Updated HTML editor for better IE8 support


Many new links for use in pages and emails allow users to add or remove themselves from user groups, extend membership or replace usergroups


Email and page links to allow user to close account


New fields for registration forms allow users to select usergroups or join multiple groups (where you allow this)


New fields for user profile forms allow users to join new groups, extend membership or replace groups


Better handling of checkboxes in forms


Support for Amazon S3 for download files


Updated import and export to allow quotes around fields (proper CSV format)


Several new API and event handler functions


Support for SSL email accounts when using PHPmailer


Support for synching username and email address


Latest Paypal module can remove users from existing user groups as well as adding them to new ones


Many other new features and bug fixes


Released 14 March 2009
Updated HTML editor with easier template variable access.


New password clue variable for email template and page display. This shows the last few characters only.


Auto login after registration or from emailed links is now possible using the new passwordhash variable.


Custom fields can now be set as required fields. Custom PHP validation is also available.


Log can now display only selected users if required.


When using PHP mailer to send email the port can now be set (previously we used only the default port 25).


Various bug fixes and improvements.
Released 20 November 2008


Updated to be ready for our upcoming payment processor modules. The first will be Paypal.


New page variable $slgroupexpiryts[] which contains expiry date as a timestamp


Added !!!delete!!! email template link allowing users to remove their account


Various bug fixes
Released 15 September 2008


Option to allow search engines to index protected pages


Built in MySQL backup feature


Various bug fixes.
Released 28 June 2008


Logfile is now stored in MySQL table for better management and future features


Configuration settings now stored in MySQL table for ease of use


Installation and upgrade made easier by using a script to determine most settings


Option to block concurrent logins
Better usegroup management


Users can be redirected upon login


Pages can now be secured for access by certain users not just certain usergroups


Email de-dupe option when sending bulk email


$slpassword, $slfirstname and $sllastname variables added


Wysiwyg editor now compatible Safari web browser


User warnings and messages are now customisable


Better documentation and examples


Many other new features


Various bug fixes
Released 16 May 2007


Various bug fixes.


Support for Yahoo hosting
Released 23 January 2007


Custom wrong group page can be defined to be used instead of the standard message page (when a user tries to enter a page their group doesn't allow access to)


No access page can be defined that is displayed when a secure page is called directly instead of displaying the login dialog. This is useful only when you have and alternative login form on a public page.


Modified html email to use base64 which should improve delivery chances


Fixed bug in !!!groupstart!!! section of email templates


Option to assign random passwords when importing users
Released 17 October 2006


Upto 50 custom fields can be stored per user


Optional CAPTCHA (Turing) code for login and registration forms


Users added via a registration form can have the new account initially disabled. The administrator can then manually enable the user after verification etc by clicking a link in the admin email. Uses new !!!approve!!! and !!!disable!!! template variables.


Option to get details from database instead of session variables on each page access.


Corrected time limits when using public access.


Ability to send email to any email address not just members


Allow multiple file locations for download. (similar to the Linklok URL feature)


Registration form allows user group to be selected by the user if allowed


Allow email verify fields in the register and update forms.


Success return page for modify profile form.


Added $slcreated variable which contains the date the members record was created


The edit user page in the control panel has an email option as does the add user page


Option to store passwords in the database using MD5.


Forgotten password feature can now either email password to the user or create a new password when the user clicks a link in the email (using the new !!!newpassword!!! and !!!activatepassword!!! template variables). This is required when MD5 passwword storage is used.
Added a fourth filter condition in the control panel.
Number of records displayed in the control panel can be changed on the fly.


Random passwords generated can be based on mask.


Updated to the latest version of the wysiwyg html editor from Innova Studio.


Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released 6 February 2006


Email templates can now be uploaded, saved, loaded and edited.


Integrated wysiwyg html editor from Innova Studio. We should point out that the editor requires IE 5.5 or above on Windows or recent versions of Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape on Windows and Mac's.


Email resource manager allows uploading and manging of email templates and graphics.


Email preview feature.


Minor bug fixes.
Released 5 October 2005


First public release
Prior to V1.1 Sitelok was used for internal website projects

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