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Vibracart Pro version history

The current version of Vibracart Pro is V1.4. If you have an older version and would like to upgrade you can do so free of charge if you purchased within 1 year. After this there is a 50% discount on the full price. You can see the version history below.
Released 30th June 2021


Checkout now supports free items. In this case the users name and email is request instead of payment.


Buy button hover colors can be set


Updated to work with latest Dropbox changes (check manual before updating if you currently use Dropbox)


External buy links can be used on other site such as blogs.


Success page and email URL's can be set per cart style.


Multiple email templates can be used with the Send Download form.


Support for Google fonts.


Bug fixes and tweaks
Released 13th March 2021


Products can now be disabled. This will automatically disable the add to cart button and can show an out of stock label if needed.


Product import and export options.


Option to display a quantity field above the add to cart button.


Product image upload option added.


Styling settings for product options and quantity field added.


Many tweaks and bug fixes
Released 7th January 2021


Product import option added


If user overrides tax location this is shown in the order view.


Bug fixes and tweaks
Released 17th October 2020


Support for the Sitelok Vibracart Pro plugin


Discounts can be applied based on Sitelok usergroup membership


Bug fixes
Released 2nd September 2020


First release


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