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Vibracart Pro version history

The current version of Vibracart Pro is V2.1. If you have an older version and would like to upgrade you can do so free of charge if you purchased within 1 year. After this there is a 50% discount on the full price. You can see the version history below.
Released 24 April 2024


Products can now have multiple images and videos which can be displayed in an image grid. The store front page can use the main product image or optionally the image grid as needed.


Store page now remembers the page, sort order and search text if re-opened directly.


Product import and export now handles the quantity price, option adjustment price and additional media fields.


Free / Invoicing checkout address labels now determine if those fields are shown and required.


Maintenance tools page has an option to export list of orders zero rated for tax using a tax id (VAT Number)


Option to force entry of phone number during Stripe checkout. Paypal has this option in the Paypal account settings.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
Released 16th October 2023


Automated Store Front page can present your products in a sortable and searchable grid. Each product can link to a more details page of your own or an automated product template page.


Stock control with the ability to show stock level, low stock, out of stock etc on your pages dynamically if needed.


Stock import and export options. Stock levels of selected products can also be adjusted or set from the maintenance tools page.


Products can be made available only to members of Sitelok usergroups (with ignore expiry option).


Discounts requiring Sitelok membership now have an ignore expiry option.


Quantity field in the cart can now be displayed using + & - buttons or with the usual input field.


The remove product from cart icon can now be placed under the description to save space.


Cart style setting can force currency in all fields and buttons.


Option to hide dropdown menu option price adjustment on a per product basis.


Pages using the cart will now call a user provided function vcPageReady() when the page is loaded and ready.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
Released 7th June 2023


Shipping plans can be country specific (as well as US state or Canadian Province specific).


Products can be donation type where buyer chooses how much to pay with an optional minimum amount.


External payments (invoicing only) checkout now has 5 custom fields.


New maintenance tools page has various useful features including price changing for selected products and flagging selected orders as processed.


Base price, item price and option adjustment prices can now be optionally displayed after discount.


Base price and item price can now optionally have the old price shown as well. This makes offers clearer to the buyer.


New item and cart discount description that can be dynamically shown on the page.


New maximum time between adding first item to cart and checkout option. Useful when selling specialised products such as precious metals.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
Released 17th January 2023


Stats page shows graphs of sales, top product, coupon use etc. Dashboard widgets can also show this data.


Webhook can call services such as Zapier and Integrately for each order.


New item price snippet can show total item price to be added to cart (including selected options)


Price can now be displayed in the buttons label using !!!itemtotal!!!.


Optional order processed checkbox for each order.


Tax inclusive prices can now be shown instead (cart still shows both).


Receipts now show option names as well as values.


Invoice number can use !!!orderdate!!! to insert YYYMMDD.


The copy email subject can now be set in the dashboard.


Cart agreement can be set as not required for checkout. The agreements are shown in the order details.


Stripe checkout will now work with alternative payment methods enabled in the Stripe dashboard. This allows you to use services such as Klarna & Afterpay / Clearpay etc.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
Released 29th August 2022


Cart can now be positioned on the page (not just centred). For example this allows the cart to slide in from the right side.


Optional animation (slide in etc) for cart opening and closing.


Optional external/invoiced payment option. Can be set to always, above or below a total amount or for members of Sitelok usergroups.


Integration with Wimpy Player. Clicking a buy button in the player adds the track to the cart.


Added an appendix to the manual explaining the various template variables that can be used in the thank you email and download page.


Click a show cart icon now toggles the cart open / closed.


Many tweaks and bug fixes.
Released 9th June 2022


Free checkout can now optionally collect shipping address when required.


PDF watermarking has a centre text option.


Buyer inputs can now be set as required


External buy links now support multiple items.


AED currency added (Stripe only)


PHP 8.1 support


Bug fixes and tweaks
Released 28th January 2022


Discount types now have a free shipping option.


  • Extra fields can be selected when exporting orders.

    If there are multiple shipping options setup and buyer has not viewed them, they are displayed on checkout.


    Option to allow Page Safe login to the dashboard.


    Many tweaks and bug fixes.
    Released 30th June 2021


    Checkout now supports free items. In this case the users name and email is request instead of payment.


    Buy button hover colors can be set


    Updated to work with latest Dropbox changes (check manual before updating if you currently use Dropbox)


    External buy links can be used on other site such as blogs.


    Success page and email URL's can be set per cart style.


    Multiple email templates can be used with the Send Download form.


    Support for Google fonts.


    Bug fixes and tweaks
    Released 13th March 2021


    Products can now be disabled. This will automatically disable the add to cart button and can show an out of stock label if needed.


    Product import and export options.


    Option to display a quantity field above the add to cart button.


    Product image upload option added.


    Styling settings for product options and quantity field added.


    Many tweaks and bug fixes
    Released 7th January 2021


    Product import option added


    If user overrides tax location this is shown in the order view.


    Bug fixes and tweaks
    Released 17th October 2020


    Support for the Sitelok Vibracart Pro plugin


    Discounts can be applied based on Sitelok usergroup membership


    Bug fixes
    Released 2nd September 2020


    First release


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