As you probably know Mal’s e-commerce provides an easy to use, feature rich shopping cart system that works with many payment processors. One problem faced by many sites however is how to securely automate delivery of digital products after a transaction. If you sell digital products such as music mp3’s, software, e-books, photographs, embroidery patterns or any other download file Linklok will automate the delivery process keeping your clients happy and making your life just that bit easier.

Seamless delivery with Mal’s e-commerce

The purchaser will click standard Mals Add to Cart buttons and pass through the checkout process as normal. After a successful transaction Linklok will return the user securely to the download page. Linklok also sends a download email out as well. The download links included in the download page and email do not show the location of your files on the server and will expire after a predefined time (you can even IP lock them if you wish). There is no way to break or modify the links as we use an MD5 hash to verify authenticity. Both the download page and the email are customizable so they can match exactly the style of your site providing a seamless delivery process. Linklok supports any number of products in the cart and also products that have multiple files (bundles). Linklok works with any payment processor used by Mal's e-commerce that supports Remote Call which currently includes Paypal standard, Paypal Pro, Trustcommerce, Payflow Links, Payflow Pro, Authorizenet, Skipjack, Firstpay, Bank of America, uSight, Linkpoint/Yourpay API, Chronopay, ViaKlix, PayJunction, Internet Secure, SecPay, Protx, Worldpay, HSBC ePayments, Moneris eSelect Plus, Cardia, ePDQ, (2CO), ANZ eGate, Westpac, eWay,, Pasat 4B, Cybersource, TransAction Central, PSI Gate, Merchant Partners (Online Commerce Suite), Beanstream, eProcessingNetwork, eGold as well as Mals built in card processing. You can find the current list of supported payment processors here.
I'm happy to add my voice to a well deserved list of glowing testimonials. Linklok is one of those scripts that lives up to its promises and then some. It was a real kick the first time an order came in, and I realized that Linklok had done everything I had got so used to doing manually over the years. Having the delivery process automated saves time and work, reduces stress, provides immediate fulfillment to customers, and even opens the door to adding new titles to the inventory, since the question of admin has been eliminated. As if this weren't enough, the customer support is exemplary-fully informed, fast, patient, thorough, and yes, friendly. The integration with both Mal's cart and PayPal really is seamless, and setup is quick and painless. I needed a bit of help getting through customization, and never got passed off to the manual. For all that Linklok does, and the quality of the support behind it, in my opinion, the program is seriously underpriced.

Works great with OptionCart

As well as working with Mals-e buttons, Linklok Mals also works seamlessly with OptionCart providing a great catalog store system. Linklok is compatible with most hosted cart systems that use OptionCart such as PappaShop, MerchantMoms, ShoppePro,, Bizzy Mama Hosting and others.

Want to see how it works?

Click on the screencast to see how Linklok seamlessly delivers products.


Try a demo order?

See for yourself how Linkok works with mals-e with a demo order. The demo uses Mal’s e-commerce built in card processing and you will not get charged. You can leave the card detail blank or enter the credit card number 4111111111111111 and any expiry date.


As well as allowing you to easily sell downloads Linklok Mals has many advanced features including the ability to deliver unlock codes, serial numbers or other data with your download files. It can also integrate with affiliate systems and other applications. Visit the Linklok Mals Features page to read more.

Download the manual to find out more?

Want to know more? Why not download the manual so that you can see what Linklok Mals can do for you. We provide extensive documentation in PDF format for our products and not just a quick readme text file. Requires Adobe Reader.
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Linklok for Mals works on most Linux or Windows servers whether shared or dedicated. Just check that the server has PHP 4 or PHP 5 installed (most do). We can recommend A2 Hosting for use with our scripts but most hosting plans are fine. We advise clients to download and read the manual (see above) before purchasing.

Buy Linklok Mals

Linklok for Mals costs just $29.95 ( for use with one domain and one Mals-e account) and is available for immediate download after purchase. This is a one time purchase and not a subscription service so there are no monthly fees. The purchase includes one year of free upgrades and support. Extra licenses are available at a discount of 50% (contact us for details). We also have versions of Linklok for Paypal, Clickbank, 2checkout (2CO), ASecureCart and a version for protecting downloads on your site called Linklok URL. Please choose between the Paypal or 2checkout buy now buttons below.
Paypal accept credit cards directly so no Paypal account is required.
VAT will be added for EU orders. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Vibralogix.