Dropbox support in Linklok update

We have released new versions of all Linklok products adding support for the latest Dropbox API. If you use Dropbox with Linklok we recommend you update before June 2017. The support folder dropbox-sdk is no longer required so can be deleted after you update.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Website Toolbox plugin

We have released a free Sitelok plugin to allow single sign on with the Website Toolbox forum.
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Who is online plugin for Sitelok updated

The Who is online plugin has been updated to V1.7. This version has been re-written for Sitelok V5 (but still backward compatible) for better integration with the control panel. It also has new functions allowing data to be updated automatically on your pages.

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Sitelok V5.2 released

Sitelok V5.2 has a number of new features and some bug fixes.

Added !!!userid!!! !!!createddmy!!! and !!!createdmdy!!! email template variables.

Double clicking user row opens edit user page.

Option for SUBADMIN users to only have access to specific usergroups.

When exporting users there is now an option to use custom field titles instead of custom1 etc in the header row.

Import users can import with the column header using the custom field title instead of custom1 etc.

Dragging and dropping files and folders in the file manager now works as it should.

Fixed an issue with Amazon S3 V2 download links.

Bug fixes and tweaks.

Visit the Sitelok page.
Visit the Sitelok version history page

Sitelok stacks for Rapidweaver

If you work with Rapidweaver we are really pleased to announce that Joe Workman has released a set of stacks which makes integrating Sitelok with RW a lot easier. You can read more about the stacks and watch some introductory videos on Joe's site at