Linklok Paypal

Dropbox support added to Linklok

We have added Dropbox support to all versions of Linklok. This works in a similar way to our Amazon S3 support. Linklok can generate secure download links that download directly from Dropbox. Users don't need a Dropbox account to download of course.

Amazon S3 V4 Signatures are now supported. V4 Signatures are required by buckets in some new regions such as Frankfurt.

Sitelok passwords (where supported) are handled more securely now with an option to only display them when a new Sitelok account is created. After this the password can be starred out or some specified text can be displayed instead.

Linklok URL now has the ability to save form submissions to Sitelok. This allows you to keep in email contact with contacts.

PDF watermarking added to Linklok

We have added a PDF watermarking feature to all versions of Linklok. This allows the users email address to watermarked on the PDF during download. This can help reduce sharing.

We have also added IP country reporting to the download notification email (and other templates) which can be useful for EU VAT reporting. Linklok URL can use the IP country within your pages to control content based on the users location.

Linklok Paypal V2.7 released

We have released V2.7 of Linklok Paypal

Mailchimp support added
ARP Reach support added
Bonus items based on total order amount can now be delivered
Option to block downloads by email address.
Updated S3 support to work better with non US buckets
Solved bug with GetResponse support


Paypal IPN and PDT changes for HTTP 1.1

You may have recently received an email from Paypal informing you of changes they are making which require modifications to scripts that handle IPN or PDT calls so that they use HTTP 1.1. We have updated our Linklok Paypal and Sitelok Paypal plugin products to be compliant with these changes. These updates are free of charge. Paypal require all users to update their sites by February 2013. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Linklok Paypal

We have released V2.5 that has the required changes as well as other updates. We have also updated earlier versions as well so that you are not forced to purchase an upgrade. Please visit the download page and download the latest version that is available to you. You will need to login to access the downloads. There are some notes on the page about how to update linklokipn.php but if you have any problems just email over your current linklokipn.php and we will be happy to do this for you.

Sitelok Paypal plugin

We have released V1.6 that has the required changes and can be downloaded free from the download page. Just follow the manual to perform the upgrade. If you are using a version of Sitelok earlier than V3.0 with the older Paypal module please contact us.

Updates for Linklok Paypal, Mals and 2CO

We have updated Linklok Paypal, Linklok Mals and Linklok 2CO. New features include:-

Integration with PDF Honeypot allowing PDF files to be embedded with the buyers email address.
Support for Get Response. Buyers can be added automatically to your list.
Better integration with Sitelok.
Choice to delay delivery for orders flagged for a Paypal payment review (Linklok Paypal only).

AutoReponse Plus support fro Linklok Paypal, Mals and 2CO

We have added support for AutoRepsonse Plus (ARP) to Linklok Paypal, Linklok 2CO and Linklok Mals (other Linklok versions may support ARP later). Clients can be automatically added to a mailing list either globally or to product specific mailing lists. For further details please visit our product pages. The upgrade is free for users that purchased within 12 months.

Kunaki support added to Linklok

We have released new versions of Linklok Paypal, Linklok Mals and Linklok 2CO. Support for has been added allowing automated shipping of CD's and DVD's to clients worldwide. Several other features and fixes have been included.

Payloom 2 support for Linklok Paypal

Yabdab Software have added Linklok Paypal support to their RapidWeaver plugin Payloom . For details about using Linklok Paypal with Payloom please see this page.

Amazon S3 support for Linklok

We have released new versions of Linklok Paypal, Linklok 2CO, Linklok Mals, Linklok Clickbank and Linklok URL. These new versions include support for Amazon S3 downloads. S3 allows Linklok to securely deliver files up to 5GB in size without using bandwidth on your main server.

Upgrades are free for users that purchased a license or upgrade within 12 months.

Linklok Paypal important update

Paypal recently updated their PDT system requiring an update to Linklok Paypal. If you use Linklok Paypal please login to the support area

using the username and password supplied when your purchased and download the latest version V1.99a. This update is free of charge for all clients that purchased within the last year. However if you purchased before you can either upgrade to the latest version or download the updated version you are using for free (we have applied the fix to earlier versions as well in the support area).

Apologies for any inconvenience but sometimes updates in third party systems can have unforeseen problems.

Linklok Paypal V1.99 released

We have just release Linklok Paypal V1.99. New features/changes include:-

Support for options (drop down menus) used in Paypal buttons
Replaced testorder.htm with a built in test form. This should make testing easier
New product based email notification
Added support for Jalbum. Now you can sell photos directly from the album
Multiple Sitelok groups can now be assigned to each product
When creating Sitelok groups separate Sitelok email templates can be assigned for new and updated users
Expiry times for links in the return page start at order time so refreshing page (if allowed) doesn’t matter
Modified JAM affiliate to use trans_id variable instead of id
Improvements to the manual
Various bug fixes and improvements

This upgrade is free for users that purchased within 12 months.

For further information visit the Linklok Paypal pages.