Linklok Paypal V1.99 released

We have just release Linklok Paypal V1.99. New features/changes include:-

Support for options (drop down menus) used in Paypal buttons
Replaced testorder.htm with a built in test form. This should make testing easier
New product based email notification
Added support for Jalbum. Now you can sell photos directly from the album
Multiple Sitelok groups can now be assigned to each product
When creating Sitelok groups separate Sitelok email templates can be assigned for new and updated users
Expiry times for links in the return page start at order time so refreshing page (if allowed) doesn’t matter
Modified JAM affiliate to use trans_id variable instead of id
Improvements to the manual
Various bug fixes and improvements

This upgrade is free for users that purchased within 12 months.

For further information visit the Linklok Paypal pages.