Linklok Orders plugin for Sitelok

We have released a new plugin that integrates Linklok Paypal, Mals or 2CO with Sitelok to provide a client download area. Client accounts are automatically created (or updated) in Sitelok along with links so that clients can download what they have purchased. Alternatively instead of providing client access you can use the admin to resend links by email.

The plugin is free of charge for users who have licenses for Sitelok V3.0+ and Linklok Paypal V2.4+, Linklok 2CO V2.2+ or Linklok Mals V2.2+. For more information and to download the manual please visit the Sitelok Plugins page.

Updates for Linklok Paypal, Mals and 2CO

We have updated Linklok Paypal, Linklok Mals and Linklok 2CO. New features include:-

Integration with PDF Honeypot allowing PDF files to be embedded with the buyers email address.
Support for Get Response. Buyers can be added automatically to your list.
Better integration with Sitelok.
Choice to delay delivery for orders flagged for a Paypal payment review (Linklok Paypal only).