Stripe plugin V2.0 released (SCA support)

Beginning September 14, 2019, PSD2 regulation will require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online payments made by European customers, to help reduce fraud.

Stripe have developed a new checkout process to product SCA support and we have released our Stripe plugin V2.0 to work with that.

This update has required a lot of work and rewriting. We have tried our best to keep the plugin backward compatible but there are a couple of features that have had to be removed.

1) Coupon codes are no longer supported (Stripe do hope to support them in their new checkout at some point though).

2) Pay and Register. Because of the way the new checkout processes payments, we can no longer support Stripe buttons that take payment and then connect to a registration form. However, we have added a new Register and Pay feature allowing new users to register and pay when they submit the form. This is a more normal and neater process anyway in our opinion and works in a similar way to the Paypal plugin. Sitelok V5.8 has the required setting in the registration form designer. When using this feature you must ensure the registration form includes the password field allowing the user to choose a password.

Stripe has not yet officially released their update card details form (when existing subscribers need to change the card used for payment) for their new Checkout. However, we have worked closely with Stripe to test their beta form and it seems to work fine and they should release it soon. The plugin does support it already once released. If you would like to enable access to the beta update card form let us know your Stripe account name and we can ask Stripe to allow access (the form is in English only currently).

Stripe plugin page

Sitelok V5.8 released

Sitelok 5.8 contains a number of new features, tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Added support for Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
  • Contact form can now remain on the page after submitting without redirecting. To do this set the thankyou page starting with msg: For example msg:Message Sent
  • Contact form hidden fields can now set the 'Use as' setting (for hidden name and email fields)
  • New quick filters to show users who have downloaded (or not downloaded) a file.
  • Registration form designer supports the new Stripe plugin V2.0
  • Code snippet buttons now select and copy the code to the clipboard
  • Standard subadmin user can no longer delete log entries
  • Subadmin users (group based) can now see log entries for users in their usergroup(s)
  • The email link !!!activatepassword!!! now supports extra parameters !!!activatepassword(usertemplate,admintemplate,redirect)!!!
  • Added option to change usergroup field length
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes

  • Visit the Sitelok version history page for a full list of new features.

    Visit the Sitelok page.