Follow Up Email plugin for Sitleok

We have released the Sitelok Follow Up Email plugin. We know a lot of you have been waiting for this one!

The Follow Up Email plugin can automatically send a sequence of emails to users after they join usergroups (like an auto responder service). So for example you could set it up so that when users join the SILVER usergroup they are sent a welcome message on day 1, a news email 7 days later and then an upgrade to GOLD offer 30 days after that. You can setup any number of emails in the sequence for each user group as well as a global sequence that is sent to all users. You can also set emails so that they are only sent out if a user is or is not a member of another group. So for the upgrade to GOLD message in our example we could choose to only send that if the user has not already upgraded to GOLD.

The plugin costs just $19.95 for existing Sitelok users within their support period and requires Sitelok V3.0 or above. For more information and to download the manual please visit the Sitelok
Plugins page.