Sitelok V6.0 released and new plugins

Sitelok V6.0


  • Added support for Dropbox downloads
  • Better checks to ensure uploaded images are actually images.
  • Better integration wih Vibracart Pro.
  • Fixed some issues when attempting to force logout of users from the dashboard.
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes

  • Visit the Sitelok version history page for a full list of new features.

    Visit the Sitelok page.

    2FA Login plugin

    Our new 2FA Login plugin provides an extra layer of login security by requiring a single use code to be entered in addition to the username and password. It works with the popular Google Authenticator or Authy apps which generate the code. No text message delays or hardware tokens needed. Setup is really easy for users as they just need to scan a QR code in the app the first time they login. You can enable 2FA security for specific users, members of usergroups or just allow users to enable it themselves. We really recommend using 2FA Login for ADMIN users to keep your user data secure.

    To download the manual or to purchase please click here.

    CleanTalk plugin

    CleanTalk Anti Spam is a very low cost third party service which checks a users email and IP address against blacklists. The Sitelok CleanTalk plugin uses their API service to check users when they register on your site. It can also optionally check messages sent via the contact form or messaging plugin too. Other features are available from CleanTalk including the ability to block access from specific countries, IP's and email domains etc.

    To download the plugin or read more please click here.