cWhois & cWhois Domain Cart update

We have updated both cWhois and cWhois Domain Cart to handle a recent change in the .de whois server.

Sitelok support added to Linklok Clickbank

Linklok Clickbank V2.8 has been released with support for Sitelok and AWeber. For further information visit the Linklok Clickbank page.

AWeber support added to our Linklok products

We have added support for the excellent AWeber email marketing service to all of our Linklok products including Linklok Paypal, Linklok 2CO, Linklok Mals, Linklok Clickbank and Linklok URL. Clients can be automatically added to a mailing list either globally or to product specific mailing lists. For further details please visit our product pages. The upgrade is free for users that purchased within 12 months.