Sitelok Facebook plugin V1.1

We have updated the Sitelok Facebook Plugin to V1.1. The update includes a fix to solve the fact that the Facebook have dropped support for the API function getLoginStatusUrl() even though it is included in their latest SDK and associated documentation. Thanks Facebook! The issue really only affects the auto long feature but we recommend all users to update anyway. You can download the latest version (or purchase it) here.

Vibracart Paypal V1.7 rleased

We have released Vibracart Paypal V1.7.

Added animation when Paypal, button clicked in embedded and mini cart mode
Option to store users cart in a cookie for automatic retrieval when they return
Item specific maximum quantities. Ideal if you sell downloads and physical items
Escape key now closes the popup cart
Return key properly updates quantity
Price format can now be modified (currency symbol prefix and suffix, decimal character and thousands separator)
Various bug fixes and tweaks

Bounce and Complaint handlng for SES plugin

We have updated the Sitelok SES plugin so that it can automatically handle bounces and complaints. These can be recorded in the Sitelok log and the user account flagged with the reason in a custom field. If you also use the Email Unsubscribe plugin you can automatically stop emails being sent to flagged addresses.

The Sitelok SES plugin V1.1 update is free of charge to users who purchased V1.0. For other Sitelok users the cost of the plugin is $14.95. For more information and to download the manual please visit the Sitelok Plugins page.