Sitelok V2.50 released

Sitelok V2.50 has been released.

User profile form now allows users to upload files with the filename stored in a custom field
Added several new API functions
Username and password are now trimmed of whitespace during login to stop spurious login errors
URL query (GET data) is now passed correctly through login even when redirecting
Many other improvements and bug fixes
Improvements to the Sitelok Paypal Module (V1.3)


Linklok Clickbank V2.7 released

Linklok V2.7 has been released.

Added support for PearMail and SSL accounts in PHPmailer
Better support for PHP5.3
File size can be displayed in the thankyou page using linklokcbsize('');


Linklok URL V2.3 released

Linklok URL V2.3 has been released with better support for PHP 5.3, PearMail support and various minor improvments and fixes.