February 2024

Messaging & Profile plugin V2.6 released

Some new features and bug fixes have been added to V2.6 which we have released now. Details of the changes can be found in the version history tab of the plugin page.

One important new feature is the ability to display user data in user lists in more flexible ways. This can include data stored in custom fields populated by the new HTML editor field available in Sitelok V6.8 and above.

It is also possible to layout and style the user data in the list using a Sitelok email template. This allows fields to be positioned and styled as needed. This is great for a member or company directory for example.

One of our clients has a great example of a user list in action on Yoga teachers register with the site to be listed in the searchable directory. Notice that the list shows some basic information (certain Sitelok fields) and Read More links to the profile page with further details. Here is how their searchable list looks (try it out using the link above).