Vibracart V2.2 released

We have released V2.2 of Vibracart Paypal. As well as bug fixes, tweaks and some tidying up of the cart cosmetically this version has a number of new features.

Buy Now and Paypal links supported

Vibracart can now work with Buy Now buttons and Paypal payment links as well as Add to Cart buttons.

New item discount modes

Vibracart now has three ways to handle item discounts.

Mode 1

Discounts are applied to the item price. So if three $3.00 items are purchased and a 10% discount is applied the discount is shown like this in the cart.

discount mode 1
This is the default method and the same as used in previous version of Vibracart.

Mode 2

Mode 2 will combine all discounts which are displayed as a total in the cart. The item price is left as it is. So for example if the user purchases three $3 items and a 10% discount is applied then it will leave the item price at $3 but add the $0.90 discount to the total discounts like this.

discount mode 2

Mode 3

Mode 3 will display the related discount for each product in the cart. The unit price is left as it is but the item total will include the discount. So for example if the user purchases three $3 items and a 10% discount is applied then it will show the item price at $3 and show the $0.90 discount. The item total will show $8.10 like this.

discount mode 3

Discount and Coupon descriptions

Discounts and coupons can now have descriptions (labels) applied which are displayed in the cart. Here is an example of a cart wide discount.

cart discount description
Item based discount descriptions are displayed with the related products like this

item discount description
Coupon descriptions can be used too and are displayed in the cart like this

Coupon Description

New step quantity discount type

This can be used to offer unit pricing that changes depending on the quantity purchased. Unlike $itemqtydiscountpercent which adjusts the price of all items based on the quantity $stepqtydiscountpercent allows you to, for example, charge one price for the first one purchased, another price for the next 5 purchased and a third price for the following 5 etc.

Sitelok support

We have added a chapter to the manual which explains how you can have discounts applied for logged in Sitelok users. Discounts can be applied based on whether a user is logged in, based on usergroup membership or even for specific users. Vibracart can also force users to login before checkout to ensure any applicable discounts are applied before payment.

Visit the Vibracart Paypal page

Cartloom plugin for Sitelok

We have released a Cartloom plugin for Sitelok. The plugin can create or update users in Sitelok when products are sold via Cartloom. This is useful if you wish to create support accounts for your products or even just to sell memberships. Works with the Credits plugin too. Please not that Cartloom doesn't support recurring payment subscriptions though. The plugin is free for licensed users of Sitelok.

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