AutoReponse Plus support fro Linklok Paypal, Mals and 2CO

We have added support for AutoRepsonse Plus (ARP) to Linklok Paypal, Linklok 2CO and Linklok Mals (other Linklok versions may support ARP later). Clients can be automatically added to a mailing list either globally or to product specific mailing lists. For further details please visit our product pages. The upgrade is free for users that purchased within 12 months.

Demo of Vibracart Paypal integrated with Wimpy Player

We have added a new demo page showing Vibracart Paypal working with Wimpy Player. The example uses the popup mode of the cart but the other modes work well too. To see the demo click here.

Amazon SES plugin for Sitelok

Vibralogix have released a new plugin for Sitelok allowing emails to be sent using Amazon SES. Amazon charge just $0.10 per thousand emails sent and don’t restrict you to just a few hundred emails per day like most hosting companies (once approved). For further information about SES you can visit Amazon SES.

The Amazon SES plugin for Sitelok costs just $14.95 for existing Sitelok users within their support period. For more information and to download the manual please visit the Sitelok Plugins page.

Vibracart Paypal V1.4 released

Vibracart Paypal V1.4 has been released. As well as a few bug fixes this version allows positioning of the cart and widget on (or relative to) the right and bottom of the page.

We have also added a javascript function which will enable Wimpy Player to work with Vibracart. If you need this just contact us for further details.


Sitelok V3.0 released

We have released Sitelok V3.0 which has a new plugin system, cleaner admin interface, new API functions and many tweaks and improvements.

Three plugins have been released (Paypal, AWeber, Custom field login) with more in development.