Payloom 2 support for Linklok Paypal

Yabdab Software have added Linklok Paypal support to their RapidWeaver plugin Payloom . For details about using Linklok Paypal with Payloom please see this page.

Sitelok V2.40 released

We have released Sitelok V2.40. There are many new features and minor bug fixes.
  • Updated HTML editor for better IE8 support
  • Many new links for use in pages and emails allow users to add or remove themselves from user groups, extend membership or replace usergroups
  • Email and page links to allow user to close account
  • New fields for registration forms allow users to select usergroups or join multiple groups (where you allow this)
  • New fields for user profile forms allow users to join new groups, extend membership or replace groups
  • Better handling of checkboxes in forms
  • Support for Amazon S3 for download files
  • Updated import and export to allow quotes around fields (proper CSV format)
  • Several new API and event handler functions
  • Support for SSL email accounts when using PHPmailer
  • Support for synching username and email address
  • Latest Paypal module can remove users from exisitng user groups as well as adding them to new ones
  • Many other new features and bug fixes
This upgrade is free for users that purchased within 12 months.

For further information visit the Sitelok page.