Vibracart Paypal released

We have now released our Paypal shopping cart product called Vibracart Paypal. Vibracart Paypal is an easy to install replacement for Paypal's own shopping cart. The big advantage of our new cart is that is that it uses a floating or embedded cart powered by Ajax rather than having to open a new browser window. If your site currently uses standard Paypal add to cart buttons (not Paypal hosted or encrypted ones) then Vibracart is just a drop in replacement not requiring changes to your buttons. If you have used Paypal hosted or encrypted buttons then they can easily be converted in Paypal's button maker anyway. Vibracart Paypal is the easy way to modernize your site and provide your customers with a smoother purchasing experience. Of course it is fully compatible with Linklok Paypal as well.

To read more please visit the Vibracart Paypal pages.