Credits plugin for Sitelok

Its been in the pipeline for a while but we have finally released our Credits plugin. This plugin allows you to setup a system of user credits that can be used to charge for or control downloads from your members area. We also provide some PHP functions that can be used to charge or add credits for other user actions such as visiting a page. This would allow you to charge for viewing videos for example (video on demand).

Credits can be added to a users account manually via the control panel, automatically added periodically by being a member of specific usergroups or by purchasing products that have credits allocated to them.
Credits can be automatically deducted when users download files from the members area using the siteloklink() function. The number of credits used can be defined per usergroup, file location or even within the siteloklink() function call. You can decide also if users are allowed to re-download files again without using credits and for how long.

The Credits plugin is a great way to charge for access to downloads or other content without requiring a payment for each transaction. Its also a great way to ensure that subscribers to your site don't download all your content in a short time and then cancel. You can effectively limit downloads to a certain number per day, week or month as needed.

The PHP API functions provide the basis for setting up complex credit based charging for access to various features on your site. As you can add credits too you can also reward users for certain actions.

Sitelok Credits Plugin