Blab Messaging plugin V2.0 beta

We have been working hard on a major V2.0 update for the Blab messaging and Profile plugin and now have a beta that existing users can download from your account. It should be backward compatible with any pages you have already setup but remember it is a beta version.

We have also decided to rename the plugin as just Messaging & Profile Plugin removing the Blab part as this caused confusion with another similar messaging system.

This new version has a new combo messaging box that allows users to see their private inbox, a searchable list of users, as well as chat with users. Optionally the same box can show public (non private) messages as well.

combo box public combo box users

The Sitelok dashboard also provides direct access to the combo chatbox from the header and shows how many unread private messages you have.

There is a built in snippet generator allowing you to easily generate the code needed to add message boxes to your pages.

Please let us know how you get on with this beta version.