Sitelok V2.10 released

We have just released Sitelok V2.10. As well as a few bug fixes there are two new features.

Search engine access
We have added an option to allow search engines to access an index secured pages. You can define which group or groups the search engine robot will have access to. You can define this setting globally or on a page by page basis if required. Although we think that most sites will still want to block search engine access to their protected pages (this is the default) we have had a number of requests lately for this feature.

One click MySQL backup
Although most hosting control panels provide MySQL backup features we decided to add a simple one click backup to the Sitelok control panel to make this as painless as possible. The backup downloads a standard SQL file (zipped up) which contains all the data required to recreate all tables and data. The SQL file can be restored using most mysql managers (such as phpmyadmin).