Messaging & Profle plugin V2.0 released

We have finally released the Messaging & Profile plugin V2.0 (previously called Blab Messaging).

coffee chat combo box users

New features include

  • New combo message box
  • Option to allow users to send files and images as messages
  • User searchable user list based on usergroup or other criteria
  • Better integration with the dashboard
  • Option to create message boxes to handle private chats with a specific user (for example chat with admin)
  • Users can see if they have unread private messages

This version has been totally redeveloped but we have tried to keep it backward compatible. However to use any new features you should use the built in snippet generator to create the message box and user list snippets required to add to your pages. The plugin has a full manual and explanatory videos to help.

Video: Messaging & Profile plugin overview

Video: Add a Sitelok message box to Rapidweaver

Video: Create a member profile page in Rapidweaver

You can download the manual from the plugin page.