Vibracart Pro V1.7 released

Changes to V1.7 include

  • Cart can now be positioned on the page (not just centred). For example this allows the cart to slide in from the right side.
  • Optional animation (slide in etc) for cart opening and closing.
  • Optional external/invoiced payment option. Can be set to always, above or below a total amount or for members of Sitelok usergroups.
  • Integration with Wimpy Player. Clicking a buy button in the player adds the track to the cart.
  • Added an appendix to the manual explaining the various template variables that can be used in the thank you email and download page.
  • Clicking a show cart icon now toggles the cart open / closed.
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Visit the Vibracart Pro version history page.

    Visit the Vibracart Pro page.