Sitelok V6.7 released

Sitelok V6.7 has been released with some new features, bug fixes and tweaks.

HTML Editor fields

Registration, update profile and contact forms now have an HTML editor field available. This can be either a basic editor or a full editor depending on what you need.

Full HTML editor
Users can use these fields to send you formatted data which you can access in the dashboard. The HTML can also be displayed on the members page as well. Normally custom fields are displayed using

<?php echo $slcustom1_html; ?>;

which would display any the HTML as text on the page. When using an HTML editor you would use the raw data variable instead so that it displays the data as formatted HTML.

<?php echo $slcustom1; ?>

Sitelok uses secure XSS protection for data entered via HTML editor fields.

Numerical sort

Custom Fields on the main dashboard table can be set to sort numerically instead of the default text based sort.

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