Sitelok V5.8 released

Sitelok 5.8 contains a number of new features, tweaks and bug fixes.

  • Added support for Google Cloud Storage and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
  • Contact form can now remain on the page after submitting without redirecting. To do this set the thankyou page starting with msg: For example msg:Message Sent
  • Contact form hidden fields can now set the 'Use as' setting (for hidden name and email fields)
  • New quick filters to show users who have downloaded (or not downloaded) a file.
  • Registration form designer supports the new Stripe plugin V2.0
  • Code snippet buttons now select and copy the code to the clipboard
  • Standard subadmin user can no longer delete log entries
  • Subadmin users (group based) can now see log entries for users in their usergroup(s)
  • The email link !!!activatepassword!!! now supports extra parameters !!!activatepassword(usertemplate,admintemplate,redirect)!!!
  • Added option to change usergroup field length
  • Many tweaks and bug fixes

  • Visit the Sitelok version history page for a full list of new features.

    Visit the Sitelok page.