Sitelok V6.3 released

Sitelok V6.3 has bee released and has a number of new features.

Email conditions

We have added a powerful if - then - else system to the email template editor. This enables email content to be included based on usergroup membership or values in custom fields etc.

Here is an example

email conditions

Also added is a function that allows an email template to trigger another template to be sent out immediately afterwards. This can be sent to the same email or a different one. This can be used with the email conditions too of course.

View password option

Sitelok now has the option to show a view password icon on password field on forms. This feature is enabled globally in Tools - Configuration - Passwords.

view password 2

Log filter

When viewing or exporting the log you can now enter a filter text so that only entries that contains the text in the details, ip or season fields will be included. This is great for finding downloads of a specific file or a user with a specific IP address.

log filter

Is expired member of snippet added

The snippet generator can now show content when a user is expired in a specific usergroup.

Visit the Sitelok version history page for a full list of new features.

Visit the Sitelok page.